Chapter President Report – July 2015

Worthy Brothers,

DistrictDeputyAs our New Columbian Year has started and underway there will be a lot of new and interesting programs that are going on. As I write, the 2015 Special Olympics are underway. We have our own Brother Brandon Harrington who will be playing in the event with his Dad Brother Tim Harrington. His softball team will be one of the teams looking for the “GOLD”. We wish them well.
On another note, these next 2 years I will be the “Los Padres Chapter” President. I’m excited as I have 5 Strong WDDs that are striving forward in the same direction as we all are here to serve the chapter.

Mark your Calendars on August 29, 2015 – this will be My Big Day. This will be my Installation/Chapter Ceremony here in Moorpark at the Saturday 5:00 pm evening mass followed by Installation of Chapter Officers inside the Church after mass. Followed by a warm reception at the Cosgrove Hall afterwards. ALL ARE WELCOME! If you would like to come, please get a flyer. The cost will be $25.00 per person which includes Dinner, Awards, and Music. Yes, we will have live music also with our own Worthy Chancellor Brother Mike LoCollo’s Band “The Daddy-O’s”. You won’t want to miss this evening. Please get your money in. Click here for the flyer.

This year we will feature many major fundraisers. Including our biggest Fundraiser, “Support Our California Veterans” with our American Wheelchair Mission sponsored by Knights of Columbus. Our goal for this year is reach that high goal of $1,000,000. More to come in later months.
As I close this month I would like to say “Congratulations to our Newest Member Brother Ryan Kalal”. We need more young members as Ryan.

Thank you all!

God Bless,
Mike Ohler, LPCP
(Mr. President)