District Deputy Report – February 2015

My Worthy Brother Knights,

I hope all are geared up for the next 3 months as we still have time to make “History” in our council. As I stated last month we are one away in membership and in insurance quota for the year. Thanks to our hard working MD and my brothers who aren’t afraid to ask a stranger if he would like to become a knight. I Thank you all for this. 

As you know we are already in our Lent time of the year. Hope you all are doing what you promised to as to what your giving up. Friday’s are our Fish Fry’s. Saw some new Knights helping out in the heat of the Kitchen. That’s the way to understand and get to know your fellow brothers. Again thank you.

Remember too we will having our St Patrick’s Day Celebration on March 14, 2015 again. As the last 2 yrs. I’ve ask each of you brothers if your party has 8-10 coming, to let me know (DD) and you have a reserve table with “VIP” and your last name on it. I need to know By Friday evening setting up. Tables will NOT be reserved the day of the event. Prices are the same as last year. Adults,Seniors,Teens $15.00 & Children 12 and under $8.00. Little Leprechauns 5 and under FREE.

The Ultrasound Program going strong waiting for Supremes approval. The Wheelchair Program also strong with our district has the top rating so far with 17 already purchased and 12 more on ordered. Great job by all.

I want to “Thank” Our 1st Degree team for stepping up and offer their skills with serving their WDD when asked to by me. If any brother hasn’t been to a degree in sometime please try and make it to not only support your new brothers but to listen to the degree again as you learn more and more each time you take part in it. We will be having the Team traveling to St. Francis Assisi on 3-4-15 to host a 1st Deg for the Reactivation of Council 8800 in Fillmore. I guess we will have a new name as the “Traveling 1st Deg Team”. Also we have a couple of new brothers that have taken the part of some major roles. Pgk Tony Nelson, doing the DGK role, and Scott doing the FS job. Thank you Tony & Scott.

Also one last person who I want to “Thank” is our CW Brother Mike LoCollo who has put some outstanding meals on this past 9 Months. I cannot wait to see what’s up his sleeve the last months of his term.

For all those brothers who Have not been to a meeting I ask you all take time out as we have them each month and I’m sure you all know who you are, ask the lovely wife that you would like to spend just 2 hours a month with your Fraternity Brothers at our monthly meetings. You’ll be amazed to what you’ve been missing.

I will be asking you brothers who have not sign up or asked at the last meeting to fill in spots where needed to help out. I will have the signup up sheets at the Fish Fry’s and also will be selling tickets at the masses the next 2 weeks and at the Fish Fry’s. I will be asking brothers to step up to help make a “St. Patrick’s Day” Basket as I did at Xmas time for our Raffle at the Party this month.

Thank you all, God bless you and your families for being part of our Moorpark Council 9969.

Fraternally, Mike Ohler DD/M-79/78
805-231-0677 “To God Be The Glory”