District Deputy Report – June 2015

Worthy Mike Ohler’s Last District Deputy Report

My Brothers,

DistrictDeputyHow time flies ! It’s been 3 years already. I can remember driving up for one of our club wine shipment pickup in Santa Ynez. Brother Mike Mars was talking about who would be a good candidate and looked at me and said “Ohler you should take that DD position on” I said I would except, Ms Cindi needs to give me her blessing, first. She looked at me and said “Go for It”. And the rest is history.

When we got home, I called Pgk Dcn Pat Coulter and said I would take the WDD position. He was overjoyed. He wrote a letter to the WSD explaining about my accomplishments and hoe I be the perfect WDD for the district. That was the beginning of a challenging experience that I ever took on.

My Dear Brothers as I depart as your WDD, I can only say I hope I made a difference in serving you as your WDD these past 3 years. Knowing at times the degree team Captains would’ve like to strangled me at times. But as you all know me, I was being selfish as I knew deep down that you were behind me 100%. You always found a way to make it happened. I’m forever thankful for you all.

My Brothers my journey continues as I again face a difficult task as “LPCP” As of last evening in Carpinteria I was elected as Chapter President. I’m always looking forward, thinking of ways to improve the council’s within the chapter. As your New Chapter President I will continue to show you all what is in stored for us these next two (2) years. Yes my brothers I’ve decided to take a (2) Year term as the “LPCP”.

I only ask that you all show and give the respect to my replacement My friend & Our New WDD Cliff Wirtz. I’m sure he’ll have great ideas which he will share with. Show you all new ways that he has learned this weekend in Ontario at his 1st DD Orientation.

My Big Day is Saturday, August 29th, 2015 as The Chapter will be having our 1st Testimonial/Installation hear at Holy Cross Church at the 5:00 pm Mass. As time nears you’ll all have the opportunity to attend. Information will be in the bulletin monthly. Flyers will be in the bulletin and open to all who may want to attend.

In closing I will say “Thank You All” for being not only a Brother Knight but a close friend I will always cherish. God bless our Moorpark Knights of Columbus.
God Bless,
Mike Ohler LPCP-10