Is this the web site for the Knights of Columbus headquarters?

No, the international headquarters for the Order of the Knights of Columbus is Supreme Council. This is just a simple web page for one local KofC council in Moorpark, California.

Urgent! I have an insurance problem, who do I contact?

Start with your local Benefits Adviser. If you don’t know his name, try your local telephone directory in the business section, under “Knights of Columbus…” in the alphabetical listing, or under “Insurance” in the Yellow Pages. Your local KofC council near you should be able to tell you the Benefits Adviser assigned to your area. If that doesn’t work, try contacting Supreme Council. Resurrection Council cannot help you with an insurance problem, unless you live local to Moorpark, California.

What is the KofC?

Guards, seen in many special Catholic events, and for its many charitable activities. The Knights of Columbus life and disability insurance programs have consistently been certified as among the best in the USA by independent insurance rating agencies, such as Standard & Poor’s. The KofC has also recently begun offering long term health care plans to members.

How is the Knights of Columbus organized?

Supreme Council is the international headquarters of the Order, and is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Each state in the USA has a State Council, which groups (around four or five) geographically local councils into Districts. The State Councils, headed by a State Deputy and his staff, appoint two local officers per District to foster communication between the State and the local councils. Local KofC councils, headed by a Grand Knight, are often affiliated with Catholic Church parishes, and belong to the KofC State Council for administration. Some councils lease or own their own facilities, while others meet in churches, schools, or members’ homes.

Holy Cross Council #9969 is a local council affiliated with Holy Cross Catholic Church, part of California State Council, in District 79 of Division 4. We meet in the old Holy Cross Chapel corner of Elliot and Magnolia streets.

In addition to councils, the KofC has Fourth Degree Assemblies, which host the Knights of Columbus Honor Guards. Assemblies are grouped into Districts , and the Districts are organized into Provinces. There are also Knights of Columbus Chapters, for Grand Knights to join. All Knights can join Order-wide, State-wide, or local programs which service Church, Community, Council, Family, or Youth.

Members progress in ranks called degrees. Taking the First Degree entitles the member to participate in all regular activities. To become an officer, members should complete their Second and Third Degrees, for “full” Knighthood. Exemplification of the Fourth Degree allows members to become part of the highly visible part of the Knights, the Fourth Degree Honor Guard.

Is the Knights of Columbus a secret society?

Absolutely not. All our members should be proud to let people know that they belong to the Knights of Columbus. The Fourth Degree Honor Guard wears a black tuxedo-based uniform, but does not otherwise hide their identities. Many Knights wear name tags as part of our dress code at our functions, which are frequently not exclusive to members or even to Catholics. Knights work with other religious organizations in ecumenical ministries, despite the KofC being a fraternity only for Catholic gentlemen. Like most fraternities, our members take a pledge of loyalty to the Order, but our pledge tells us never to allow that loyalty to violate our religious or civic responsibilities. Of course, like many fraternities, SOME traditional ceremonies are secretive, to promote a sense of unity and a sense of self-belonging.

I have a son or daughter planning for college, what about scholarships?

Supreme Council, State Councils, and many local councils – all offer grants, based on need or academic ability, primarily for children of members. Low-cost guaranteed student loans are also available through Supreme Council, for members’ families only. The Knights occasionally offer financial support for children of non-members, such as seminarians or other special situations. But the best opportunities are for children of members of the Order. Contact your local KofC council for more details.

How do I become a member? (or) My membership lapsed, but I think I want to become active in the Knights again, how do I find out more?

Contact your local KofC council. If the council has their own facilities, they will probably list a number in the telephone directory. Otherwise contact your local Catholic parish Church and ask them where to find the nearest council. The Knights will happily welcome you, or welcome you back!

To join Holy Cross Council 9969, contact one of the officers on our web page or fill out membership form below.

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