Grand Knight Report – February 2015

GK_Dan_ThompsonDear Brother Knights,

February is in full swing and we have several things to report.

First we welcome our newest members. Tom Malloy, Hugh Riley, and Mark Dundo. These Brothers achieved their first and second degrees. Evan Willrodt achieved his second degree. If you see them around town, stop and say hi and welcome. 

We sponsored, and some Brothers participated in the first annual Nun Run in support on the Sisters of Notre Dame. They had 900 participants. A great first start.

We had a fantastic presentation from Deacon Brian Clemons (Council 9410) about the Get on the Bus Program. This program gives kids an opportunity to travel as a group to Chowchilla Prison to see a parent on either Mother’s Day or Father’s day. We raised a motion to donate $1,000.00 dollars to this worthy cause. We will vote next month on this charity.

We passed a motion to support Wally Chote’s Wally’s Walkers in support of MS charities. The motion was for $500.00 dollars.

Brother Larnoe has created a website for our council. It is just in its beginning stages but please check it out. Larnoe has done a great job. Thanks Larnoe.

The Fish Fry is in full swing and on our first Friday we served 300 meals. A fantastic first week and we received a great response from our diners. Thanks to all who helped or bought meals. This is our second biggest fundraiser. I am still looking for someone to mentor for
next year.

Please say a prayer for Brother Kenny Rodriquez who fell from a ladder and is now at home recovering. Hopefully he will be back up to full speed in a few weeks.

As always we are looking for a few good Catholic men to join our order. Keep a form 100 handy. You never know when the time will be right for someone to join us.

Lastly we welcome all to our monthly business meeting. Our next one is on March 12 at the Chapel. Dinner at 7:00 and the meeting begins at 7:30. So come and enjoy a light dinner and the fellowship on Brother Knights.

Vivat Jesus,
Dan Thompson