Insurance – June 2015

Insurance Agent Robert SchmutzerA Portfolio of Protection

Over the course of the last 132 years, the products and protection offered by the Knights of Columbus to members and their families have grown to meet changing needs.

As we begin our 133rd year of operation, we are proud to say that we offer a complete portfolio of protection to our members – a portfolio that we think is our best yet, with high quality, customizable products designed to fit your family’s needs and budget.

  • Permanent Life Insurance – Insure Your Life for Life
  • Term Life Insurance – Affordable Protection for Temporary Needs
  • Retirement Annuities – Retirement income you can count on. Guaranteed.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance – Protect your assets. Get quality care. Prepare for the future.
  • Disability Income Insurance – Receive an income even when you can’t work.

When structuring the best insurance plan for you and your family, there is a lot to consider, but keep two things in mind.

  1. First and foremost, remember that you have a dedicated, professional Knights of Columbus agent whose job it is to help you consider your current situation, evaluate the options, and put a plan in place to help protect you and your family according to your terms and your budget.
  2. Second, whenever you do business with the Knights of Columbus, you get the added benefit of knowing that you’re not doing business with any old insurance company, you’re doing business with your insurance company, a Catholic insurance company, that is one of the most highly-rated life insurers in North America.*

So be sure to reach out to me today, and get the conversation started, so that you can take advantage of this exclusive portfolio of protection that’s been assembled for you.
* As of 7/1/2014, rated A++, Superior for financial strength by AM Best.
Fraternally Yours In Christ,
Robert L. Schmutzer, PFN