Insurance – May 2015

Easy To Put Off

Insurance Agent Robert SchmutzerBuying life insurance is something that’s easy to put off until tomorrow. And if your life is as busy as mine, tomorrow can easily become next week, next month, or even next year. I’d like to make a personal plea that you not make that mistake. Before the summer is over, make an appointment to visit with me, your professional Knights of Columbus agent. I’ll work with you to put a plan in place that will help your family when that help is most needed.

We all know someone whose health, instantly and seemingly out-of-the-blue, changes. You may think this can’t happen to you. Think again. And keep in mind that no one will ring a bell warning you that your health is about to change. Medical technology has turned many diseases previously termed “death sentences” into very treatable conditions. What medical advances haven’t changed, however, is that being diagnosed with one of these diseases will dramatically affect your ability to purchase life insurance coverage. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call me today.

Your Knights of Columbus insurance program is second to none. Knights of Columbus life insurance represents a safety net for Catholic families that’s unsurpassed, and we’re proud of that. We’re also concerned. Why? Because there are more than 1 million Knights of Columbus members who have no life insurance with us. I suspect that, for many of those 1 million members, tomorrow has become next week, next month or next year. Don’t be one of them. Don’t wait for the bell to ring. It isn’t going to.

Fraternally Yours In Christ,
Robert L. Schmutzer, PFN
Knights of Columbus
Field Agent