Membership Report – April 2015

We completed our First Degree on Wednesday March 25. I am pleased to welcome Greg Keeton and Oliverio Jimenez to our order. They already have pitched in at the Fish Fries so be sure to congratulate them the next time you see them.

Our degree team continues to excel and continued its busy pace this month.
We had 6 men complete the 2nd Degree on Wednesday April 8 at the Chapel including Greg and Oliverio – congratulations again to our two newest members!

As announced previously, a 3rd Degree will be held in Goleta on Sunday April 26.

Due to the strong support of our council we have exceeded our annual membership goal with 13 new members (108% of quota) – it is exciting to be a part of an active growing council! Worthy District deputy Mike Ohler confirmed that we are at 100% of our insurance quota (4of 4). Brothers, be sure to take advantage of our order’s fraternal benefits – annuities, life insurance, long term care etc. Our field agent Robert Schmutzer stands ready to assist you so take advantage of his services, and soon!

Thanks again brothers for all your help this Columbian year!

Remember – the best place to keep a form 100 is: your car, your briefcase, your house, your annual family Memorial Day gathering – always have one handy (along with our bi-lingual recruiting brochures). Contact me if you need any materials.

God Bless,
Mike Hickey
Membership Director