Membership Report – February 2015

I am pleased to report that our Degree Team completed a combined 1st and 2nd Degree Exemplification on January 31 at Saint Paschal with 22 participants including 4 from our council.

Please join me in welcoming Hugh Riley, Tom Malloy and Mark Dundon to our Council – already Second Degree members! Also congratulations to Evan Willrodt who completed his second degree. 

We are at 91% of our annual membership (11 of 12) and 75% of insurance quotas (3 of 4). Special thanks to John Cleary and Tony Nelson for their strong recruiting efforts. Tony Nelson also participated in the Degree Ceremony doing a fantastic job – well done!

Our final membership drive for this year is scheduled for March 14/15 after all masses. Let me know of any potential new members that we can add to our active prospect list. Thanks to Larnoe Dungca who just referred me a new candidate.

Remember – the best place to keep a form 100 is: your car, your briefcase, your house, your annual family thanksgiving gathering – always have one handy (along with our bi-lingual recruiting brochures). Contact me if you need any materials.

God Bless,
Mike Hickey
Membership Director