Membership Report January 2015

The New Year is here which moves us into the second half of the Columbian year.

We are at 66% of our annual membership (8 of 12) and 50% of insurance quotas (2 of 4) at the mid-point of the Columbian year. Making the Star council requirements for new members and insurance is well within reach. As always I appreciate and need your continuing help and support. 
Our Council will be putting on a combined 1st and 2nd Degree in Westlake on Saturday, January 31st to support their newly reactivated council. We have two candidates planning to attend. If you have not taken your 2nd Degree yet, this will be a good opportunity to observe a first degree and complete the second stage in your journey to full knighthood!

Our last membership drive for this year is scheduled for March 14/15 after all masses. Let me know of any potential new members that we can add to our active prospect list.

Remember – the best place to keep a form 100 is: your car, your briefcase, your house, your annual family Christmas gathering – always have one handy (along with our bi-lingual recruiting brochures).

Contact me if you need any materials.


God Bless,
Mike Hickey
Membership Director