Membership Report – July 2015

Membership Director PGK Mike HickeyAnother Columbian year has begun.

We all need to help our new Grand Knight Cris Kalal, and there is no better way to show him support that then by assisting fellow Catholic men to join our order and council! Showing us his commitment, Cris brought in a completed form 100 to our July meeting – way to go Worthy Grand Knight!

Our new District Deputy Cliff Wirtz is making this easy as 5803 is putting on a 1st degree in Simi Valley on Wednesday July 22. Our Second Degree team will advance any new members to the next stage in their journey on Wednesday July 29 also in Simi Valley.
Our first formal membership drive of the year will be the weekend of October 3/4, and while it may seem this summer will never end it surely will – so now is a great time to start sharing with likely candidates the many benefits of joining our council!

Remember – the best place to keep a form 100 is: your car, your briefcase, your house, your annual family Labor Day gathering – always have one handy (along with our bi-lingual recruiting brochures). Contact me if you need any materials.

God Bless,
Mike Hickey
Membership Director