Membership Report – March 2015

Our Degree Team completed a 1st Degree Exemplification on March 4 at Saint Francis of Assisi (Fillmore) with 12 participants. The majority were from Fillmore as they are reactivating their council. Many thanks to our degree team members who have been laboring mightily in recent months – helping our worthy District Deputy assist other councils.

Our final membership drive was completed on March 14 and 15. Thanks to the active support of the council we secured the names of 9 prospects and one completed form 100. Our open house was held on Wednesday March 18. We have a First Degree on Wednesday March 25 and a Second Degree on Wednesday April 8. Our worthy District Deputy has confirmed a 3rd Degree will be held in Goleta on Sunday April 26.

We are at 91% of our annual membership (11 of 12) and 75% of insurance quotas (3 of 4 With all of your help, I know we will have a strong finish to this Columbian year!

Remember – the best place to keep a form 100 is: your car, your briefcase, your house, your annual family Easter gathering – always have one handy (along with our bi-lingual recruiting brochures). Contact me if you need any materials.

God Bless,

Mike Hickey
Membership Director

Open House

Open House