Wishing GK Dan and Carol Thompson

Wishing GK Dan And Carol Thompson
All the Best In Their Move To Massachusetts!!!

by Mike LoCollo

Dan and Carol are moving to Mansfield, MA to be closer, geographically speaking, to their daughters.
Mansfield Mass is about halfway between Boston and Providence, RI. Their children have been in the Boston area for around six to seven years now and, since it became clear that they may not move back to California anytime soon, Dan and Carol thought a move to the east coast is in order. Being able to see the girls only twice a year was very difficult for Dan and Carol.

Their oldest Alysha is married and living in Providence, RI. where she is a Clinical Psychologist with a PhD working at Bradley Hospital. They treat adolescents in an in-patient setting.

Lindsey, the next oldest daughter, is a doctor of physical therapy working at Massachusetts General Hospital doing in-patient therapy.

The youngest daughter, Shannon, has just returned from playing two years professional volleyball in Austria. She is currently pursuing a career as a volleyball coach and has an opportunity in Boston.

Per Dan, “they have all told us they will not be moving soon and if they do probably not back to
California. So we have made the decision to move there.”

Council 9969 wishes Dan and Carol all the best in their new endeavor – they will be greatly missed!